Authentic and Unique Beadwork Empowering Women

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Culturally Distinctive

Our original beadwork is handmade by the women of Lemong'o, a small Maasai village in rural Kenya.

The beadwork is not only visually stunning but also deeply rooted in our cultural traditions. The intricate designs and vibrant colors carry symbolic meanings, tell stories, and represent aspects of our lives.

By appreciating and supporting our work, you contribute to the preservation of our rich heritage and provide economic empowerment to our community.

Thank you! Ashe!

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  • "I love the uniqueness of each piece. I've never seen earrings like this in the US. Every time I wear them, I get complements."

  • "Shopping through SIDAI is a win win...I get fabulous earrings and I'm helping the artists support their families. It warms my heart to help these talented women."

  • "I gave ornaments to each of my family members for Christmas and they loved them! The women's story made the gifts even more meaningful."

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  • Supporting the women of Lemong'o through your purchase not only sustains our traditional craft, it also contributes to the well-being and education of our children.

  • SIDAI is a beading cooperative of 25+ women from Lemong'o. Working together, we pass down skills, stories, and artistic techniques to future generations.

  • Collaborating in our workshop setting enhances craftsmanship, strengthens our sense of community, and preserves our cultural heritage.

  • As a cooperative, we work together to benefit all group members. Our collective approach leads to shared success, mutual support, and a stronger community bond.

  • Slight variations in size and color in our handcrafted beadwork add to their uniqueness and authenticity, highlighting the individuality of each piece. Each is named after a quality possessed by the women of Lemong'o (with the Maasai word next to it in parenthesis). The names celebrate the strengths and beautiful spirits of the creators.

  • All items are shipped from the US. We use eco-friendly packaging which aligns with our sustainable practices and contributes positively to reducing environmental impact. All beading materials are purchased from local Kenyan small businesses. This contributes to the community and promotes sustainable and ethical sourcing.